myths about oily skin

There’s no shortage of myths when it comes to oily skin. Get the facts to further your understanding of how to really keep oil under control.

Myth 1: Oil can be controlled by stripping skin with harsh, drying ingredients such as alcohol.

FALSE. Stripping the skin of oil can actually cause an overproduction of oil. Why? Because skin’s trying to make up for and replace what’s lost! Those who self-treat oily skin with alcohol-based products often end up with dehydrated, irritated, sensitized skin.

Myth 2: Sunscreens increase oil production.

FALSE. Speak with your professional skin therapist about new, sophisticated formulations that won’t clog pores, and even contain oil-absorbing microsponges for the ultimate in sun protection and skin care benefits.

Myth 3: A little sun exposure is ideal for drying up skin.

FALSE. Sun exposure is never good for skin. While it may seem the sun provides a temporary “drying” effect, sebaceous glands will fire into overdrive to help replace lost oil. The result: more oil on the surface than before.

Myth 4: There’s nothing that can be done to help control oily skin.

FALSE! Don’t give up! An oily skin condition is just as manageable as any skin condition. Speak to a professional skin therapist who can analyse your skin, then provide a proper diagnosis including a regimen of products and lifestyle changes to keep skin under control.